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Planning Process – Montréal

Preliminary meeting
Present your project to us, come meet our designer..
A first budget assessment may be carried out on site.

Below are the elements to prepare prior to your first meeting.

1 - Comprehensive plan of the kitchen/bathroom/living room

You can either bring an architect's plan or a plan made by hand. We will need to know the limitations of the space before making a proposal.

2 - Some photos for inspirations.

Please bring your sources (style, colour, etc.)

3 - Some photos of the space

It is often very relevant to show us in more detail your kitchen/bathroom/living rooms or other elements of your home. We will have a better idea of the general style of the house, the brightness, etc.. (Or a small video if possible)

4- Budget

Your budget is a working tool for us. We want to plan a kitchen/vanity/custom furniture that not only takes into account your needs and tastes but also your budget.

For the kitchen, please specify

  • 1. The center of the hood
  • 2. The center of the plumbing 
  • 3. The height of a window from the ground. Specify the height and width of each window and door.
  • 4. The ceiling height
  • 5. Specify the size of the beams, columns, ceiling, etc.
  • 6. All other important elements (size and location of heaters, etc.)
Kitchen Designer Montréal

Electrical appliances
Thinking about changing your electrical appliances?

Prior to planning proposal, it is important for our team to find out about the types of electrical appliances and their dimensions you would like to incorporate in your space.

It is recommended to visit electrical appliance store to have an idea of what is available on the market before we meet. 

  • A gas stove (30 "-36" -42 "?)
  • Cooktop (gas / induction / electric) or stove and oven / built-in microwave 
  • A refrigerator 30 "- 36" - 42 "- 48"?
  • A warming drawer,
  • A pantry,
  • Or any other electrical appliance to integrate?

If you want to keep your current appliances, please bring the sizes of each device, specifying the Width x Height x Depth.

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